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Battle of Waterloo

Hertingen av Wellington, segrare vid Waterloo och blivande premiärminister:

Hard pounding this, gentlemen; let’s see who will pound longest.

Bild: Detalj från ”Scotland Forever!” (1881). Målningen av lady Butler (Elizabeth Thompson) föreställer en kavalleri attack utförd av Royal Scots Greys vid slaget vid Waterloo 1815.

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MEDIA | Hertigen av Wellington kommer alltid vara mer känd för sin seger vid Waterloo än tiden som (tvåfaldig) premiärminister.

Mr C of Dover

När Wellington besegrade Napoleon Bonaparte söndagen den 18 juni 1815 var lord Liverpool premiärminister.

I en recension i The Spectator skriver Nigel Jones om när nyheten om segern nådde London och regeringen via kurir.

News of the victory officially arrived in London with Wellington’s dispatch, brought hot-foot from the battlefield by a Major Percy with a couple of Bonaparte’s captured Imperial Eagle standards sticking out of his cab windows. (Unofficially, the first tidings probably arrived on a fast yacht chartered by the banker Nathan Rothschild, so that he could make another sort of killing off the back of the battle on the stock exchange.) After tracking down the prime minister, Lord Liverpool, at dinner, Percy was instantly promoted to Lieutenant Colonel by a delighted Prince Regent, before being allowed home to change the uniform he had worn for a week. As Percy undid his blood-stiffened sash, bits of a fellow officer’s brains, lodged in the garment, fell to the floor.

Läs mer: “The News from Waterloo: the Race to Tell Britain of Wellington’s Victory by Brian Cathcart, review: ‘a worthy addition’” och “Waterloo and the British Press”.

Bild: Den mystiske “Mr C of Dover” från Caledonian Mercury i Edinburgh (The British Newspaper Archive).

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