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FILM | Kent Jones, deputy editorFilm Comment, ser visa likheter mellan Abraham Lincoln och Barack Obama i skenet av filmen ”Lincoln”.

Film Comment nr 1 2013

I senaste numret av tidskriften skriver Jones bl.a. följande:

The gray cloud of national petulance has had no small effect on Barack Obama, from whom hordes of voters turned away the minute they realized that he wasn’t exactly what they wanted, without one thought about the possible consequences of abandoning a literate, gracious, charismatically brilliant democratic president in midstream. It has been suggested in some quarters that Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner’s film might offer a parallel or two with Obama’s presidency. I’ll say. When was the last time you saw a movie in which the villain was a fanatical, obstructionist block of Congress, and the hero’s principal course of action was a deft manipulation of political passions in order to realize a sweeping goal? On a broader level, the election of an African-American president marks our arrival at the final but still perilous stretch of the national voyage charted by the abolitionists and launched by Lincoln.

Bild: Tidskriftsomslaget är Fim Comment, vol 49/nr 1, 2013.

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