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EU | Catherine Mayer har skrivit en intressant artikel i Time om David Camerons vånda över Storbritanniens medlemskap i EU.

Time (Europa upplagan) 3 juni 2013

Mayer Skriver:

Cameron says on Europe he’s ”been pretty consistent. Hardheaded, practical engagement-not [a] starry-eyed dreamer about the European Union, but recognizing it is in Britain’s interest to get the best out of this organization.” Euroskeptic Tories have cause to disagree. They remember the smooth young orator who gave a bravura speech at the party’s 2005 annual convention. Cameron won the Tory leadership in no small part because of his undertaking to withdraw the Conservative Party from the EPP, the grouping of moderate, center-right parties in the European Parliament, the EU’s legislative arm. That decision caused him problems later, when he led the Tories out of EPP in 2009, straining relations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other EPP members just when he needed a close working relationship with them.


Another of his decisions could lead to the downsizing of the United Kingdom itself: a plebiscite next year will allow Scotland to choose wheter to stay in the U.K. In agreeing to that vote, Cameron gambled that Scots will see that their interests lie in remaining part of a union that provides access to a big internal market and more heft and profile in international affairs than a small country could achieve on its own. Now, if only he can persuade his countrymen-and more immediately, his party-to think that way about Europe.

Tidskriftsomslag: Time – europeiska upplagan – den 2 juni 2013.

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