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KURIOSA | Inom tidningsvärlden har det alltid funnits färgrika personligheter. Undrar om de finns kvar nu när redaktioner skall slimmas till max?


Om man skall tro Andrew Romeros underhållande samtal med en rad veteraner från Newsweek har tidskriften haft fler än genomsnittet.

Här är t.ex. Ed Kosner, skibent och redaktör (1963-1978):

Newsweek had a full cast of characters whose escapades were invariably more entertaining than the copy they wrote or edited. One back-of-the-book senior editor had a phobia about having his shirts laundered. So he simply bought new ones when he ran short and kept the dirty ones in smelly bags piled high in his office. Another insisted on keeping his office pitch black, with only a single lamp creating a small circle of light on his desk, at which writers had to sit waiting for him to eviscerate their pieces. The sports editor walked out of his office one morning and was never seen again. A back-of-the-book writer quit without telling anyone, leaving a sheet of paper in his typewriter with the lament, “I can’t write this story.” The science editor couldn’t put out his section one week because he’d fallen out of a tree and broken his right arm. Another time, in a drunken fit, he tried to take a swing at his boss, missed, and fell to the floor, unconscious. Early arrivals often found one of the magazine’s most brilliant writers curled up in a clothing closet, blissfully sleeping off last night’s toot.

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