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VAL | Republikanerna i Iowa är i full gång med förberedelserna för att kunna hålla sitt ”caucus”.

Någonsin funderat på vad det innebär rent konkret?

David Sessions har skrivit en artikel på The Daily Beast som enkelt sammanfattar vad det hela handlar om.

”Caucuses are much more communal than an ordinary primary where you wait in line to cast a ballot in an individual booth. They serve as both an unofficial election and a selection process for the delegates who will represent the caucus-goers at the precinct and county levels. The two parties have slightly different caucus formats, with one of the key differences being that the Democrats vote publicly and Republicans vote by secret ballot. Each of Iowa’s 1,774 districts will have a meeting place, usually a school, church, or other public building. Only registered party members may caucus, but Iowa voters can change their party affiliation at the door if they like.”

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