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david-foster-wallaceMEDIA: Under republikanernas valkampanj 2000 följde David Foster Wallace senator John McCain för tidskriften Rolling Stone

I boken McCain’s Promise beskriver Wallace en underhållande ordväxling mellan The Twelve Monkeys (representanter från de mer prestigefyllda nyhetsorganen) och McCains chefstrateg Mike Murphy;

The 12M (…) tend to be so totally identical in dress and demeanor as to be almost surreal – twelve immaculate and wrinkle-free navy-blue blazers, half-Windsored ties, pleated chinos, oxfordcloth shirts that even when the jackets come off  stay 100 percent buttoned at collar and sleeves, Cole Haan loafers, and tortoiseshell specs they love to take off and nibble the arm of (…).

Monkey: If, say, you win here in South Carolina, what do you do then?

Murphy: Fly to Michigan that night.

Monkey: And what if hypothetically you, say, lose here in South Carolina?

Murphy: Fly to Michigan that night win or lose.

Monkey: Can you perhaps explain why?

Murphy: ‘Cause the plane’s already paid for.

Monkey: I think he means: can you explain why specifically Michigan?

Murphy: ‘Cause it’s the next primary.

Monkey: I think what we’re trying to get you to elaborate on if you will, Mike, is: what will your goal be in Michigan?

Murphy: To get a whole lot of votes. That’s part of our secret strategy for winning the nomination.

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