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VALEXTRA | Inte oväntat är nyhetsmagasinen fyllda av eftervalsanalyser. Här är några om varför Barack Obama vann och vad som nu väntar.

For Obama, Survival Is the New Winning” av David von Drehle

(Time, 19 november 2012)

A subtle message about things to come may have been planted in the victory speech. The re-elected President, having proved that he can win by brawling and not just by floating on gossamer dreams, announced a new era of mature discipline — starting at home. Four years ago, Barack Obama delivered hope and change to his daughters in the lovable form of a brand-new puppy. This time around, all they got was a pat on the head. “Sasha and Malia,” he said before an adoring — and relieved — crowd in Chicago, “I’m so proud of you guys. But I will say that for now, one dog’s probably enough.”

Fortunate One av Daniel Klaidman

(Newsweek/The Daily Beast, 19 november 2012)

As Republicans lick their wounds in the wake of their electoral drubbing, they may be tempted to blame their woes on Obama’s luck. But that would be self-defeating. They’d be better off finding solace in the fact this is the last time they’ll have to run against Barack Obama, a man who is so skilled at both creating and seizing on good fortune. “Obama is a preparation freak,” says one member of his cabinet, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “He makes his own luck.”

The Next Four Years: Obama’s Holding the Cards” av Joshua Green

(Bloomberg Businessweek, 12-18 november 2012)

At first glance, the results of the 2012 election look like a return to the status quo: President Obama was reelected, Democrats retained the Senate, and Republicans held on to the House. But don’t be fooled. The political dynamic of the next four years will be almost exactly the opposite of the last four. […] In Obama’s second term, leverage will shift to the Democrats on almost every issue of importance. And that shift has already begun.

Ledare: “Now, hug a Republican

(The Economist, 10-16 november 2012)

This newspaper endorsed Mr Obama and is glad he won, but he was lucky: lucky for the second time to have faced a less fluent opponent weighed down by his party’s trunkful of baggage; lucky that the American economy perked up, a little, just when he needed it to; maybe lucky even that Hurricane Sandy appeared when it did. Mr Obama fought an appallingly negative campaign and scraped a victory in both the swing states and the popular vote (which he won by only 2.4%, the lowest ever for a successfully re-elected president). The Democrats’ gains in the Senate stemmed largely from the Republicans choosing candidates of such tragicomic extremism that they might have been characters from a Tom Wolfe novel. And, above all, in the House the Republicans preserved their majority, feel vindicated and are spoiling for a fight.

Bild: Tidskriftsomslagen är Time och Newsweek den 19 november, Bloomberg Businessweek den 12-18 november och The Economist den 10-16 november. (Bloomberg Bussinesweek hade ett omslag med en åldrad Mitt Romney redo ifall han vunnit.)

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