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EN RIKTIGT tråkig video från Herman Cains kampanj genererade massor av spekulationer om dess äkthet. Anledningen? Hans chief of staff röker i videon!

Att röka är så politiskt inkorrekta att många utgick ifrån att videon måste vara en bluff eller parodi.

Dan Amira, tidskriften New York, skriver följande:

Coinciding with a new New York Times/CBS News poll that shows Cain still leading the GOP field — 25 percent to 21 percent over Mitt Romney — the 56-second ad is simply one of the strangest you’ll ever see. It consists mostly of Cain’s unknown, mustachioed chief of staff, Mark Block, staring straight into the camera and saying patriotic, optimistic things about the Cain candidacy. The real weirdness, though, takes place in the ad’s final fifteen seconds. First, Block takes a long, slow drag of a cigarette as a painfully cheesy tea party anthem begins to play. Then we see a close-up of Cain turning to the camera and very slowly breaking into a smile.

Men var inslaget spontant eller planerat? Försökte Cain-kampanjen signalera till väljarna att man förstår vanligt folk genom att visa att man själva bara är som alla andra?

Så här svarade Block i en intervju med Fox News:

The message behind the ad was to our supporters that we’re on a roll. We’re excited about what’s happening. There was no subliminal message. In fact, I personally would encourage people not to smoke. It’s just that I’m a smoker. A lot of the people on the staff said ‘Just let Block be Block’.

Men han sade också:

I tell you, you walk into a veteran’s bar in Iowa and they’re sitting around smoking and you know we are resonating with them. I’m not the only one that smokes in America for God’s sake.

Så var det spontant eller inte???

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