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ANNONS | Country Life har tittat på hur första världskriget speglades i reklamen för de produkter som marknadsfördes i veckotidningen under krigsåren.

Sunlight Soap ADVERTISING-1915-11-20

Tanken från reklammakarna var säkert att föröka omge deras varumärken med en aura av patriotism. På så sätt kunde man visa att produkterna var en nödvändig del av landets krigsinsats. 

Thermos flasks in 1915 ADVERTISING-1915-12-04

Reklamen blev därmed en del av den officiella propagandan. Idag skulle man kalla det för obetald annonsplats för regeringens budskap om krigsinsatsen.

Det behövs inga PR-rådgivare om företagen väljer att frivilligt göra jobbet åt regeringen.

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1914 | I år uppmärksammas första världskriget runt om i Europa. Country Life, en mer exklusiv veckotidning, har dykt ner i sina arkiv för att fånga tidsandan.

Country Life january 22 2014

Country Life den 22 januari 2014

”Published weekly since 1897, the magazine was still young when Britain declared war on August 4, 1914. It had largely ignored the Boer War, but the scale of the looming conflict made the subject impossible to escape.  Although Country Life never attempted to compete with the daily reportage of newspapers, its own character as a highly produced weekly magazine of catholic tastes made it ideal for providing context for the news and illustrating what papers could only describe. Professional photographs of topical places were regularly published in articles ostensibly concerned with history or culture.”

Country Life 3 juni 1916

Country Life den 3 juni 1916

”The Frontispieces of the magazine were regularly used for propaganda purposes. As well as society women, there appeared photographs of the Royal Family and the crowned heads of our allies. Here, for the French number of 1916, the Frontispiece evokes Delacriox’s celebrated painting Liberty leading the people, although La Marseillaise has her breasts decently covered, unlike her model.”

Country Life, 1 januari 1916

Country Life, 1 januari 1916

”The Frontispieces of the magazine remained relatively unchanged throughout the war, although they included a number of portraits of the Royal Family and allied heads of states and their consorts. There were images, too, of soldiers and some striking pictures of society women: The Duchess of Westminster stands out in startling contrast to her predecessors. Rather than appearing in fashionable dress, she is shown in a nurse’s uniform and – implicitly – as an active participant in the war.”

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AUKTION | Beundran kan ta sig de mest märkliga uttryck. Här är ett exempel på ett samlarobjekt för en riktig die hard Margaret Thatcher fan.

Margaret Thatchers Gun

Kate Green skriver i Country Life:

One particular lot in gun auctioneer Holt’s next sale, on June 20, is already eliciting much topical interest among collectors. Lot 1600, a 20-bore single-trigger over-and under sidelock ejector made by Purdey & Sons, is finely engraved with a portrait of Baroness Thatcher, inscribed ‘Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister 1990′.

It was engraved by Marcus Hunt and completed in 1990 for a keen shot and Thatcherite, whose businesses-a commercial cleaning firm in the City and an importer for Le Chameau footwear -flourished during her tenure as Prime Minister in the 1980s. ‘I was abroad when Baroness Thatcher died [on April 8] and the first I knew of it was when five collectors rang me up about the gun,’ explains auctioneer Nick Holt. ‘The man who had it made was a great fan of hers.’

Beräknat pris ligger på mellan 30000-50000 pund. Men efter Thatchers bortgång kommer antagligen slutbudet hamna betydligt högre.

Bild: Holt’s auktionsfirma.

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UTSTÄLLNING | I London finns nu möjlighet att se en utställning om engelska karikatyrteckningar från sena 1700-talet till början av 1800-talet.

John Bull Exchanging News with the Continent - George Murgatroyd Woodward

Förutom det humoristiska och konstnärliga underhållningsvärdet ger de också en intressant inblick i hur åsikter, nyheter och propaganda blandades på den tiden.

Utställningen Broadsides! Caricature and the Navy 1775–1815 undersöker kungliga brittiska flottans historia med utgångspunkt från dessa karikatyrteckningar.  

På den tiden utvecklades karikatyrerna till en ny och populär form av satir som blev alltmer sofistikerad. Teckningarna behandlade politiska händelser med en giftig kvickhet och ett journalistiskt intresse för samtidsfrågorna.

Matthew Dennison skriver i Country Life om utställningen nu visas på National Maritime Museum i London:

George Murgatroyd Woodward was known as Mustard George on account of the keenness and sharpness of his wit. Revelling in low company and, latterly, habitually inebriated, he died in November 1809 at the Brown Bear public house in Bow Street. In his hand was a glass of brandy, the cause of death a form of dropsy.

Happily, before that colourful demise, Woodward had produced enormous numbers of equally colorful caricatures, humorous in a decidedly heavyhanded manner, vigorous in their simple thrusts, boldly executed and powerful.


John Bull Exchanging News with the Continent. Trafalgar was published on December 11, 1805. It depicts that icon of the English character, John Bull, in the guise of a newsboy, standing on a clifftop labeled ‘Truth’, opposite Napoleon, on a clifftop on the other side of the Channel, which is labeled ‘Falsehood’. From the French side issue quantities of newspapers and pamphlets that, despite recent resounding defeat at the Battle of Trafalgar, proclaim unambiguously French victory. John Bull utters the single statement: ‘Total defeat of the Combin’d Fleets of France and Spain.’

Neither side is wholly truthful, as Bull omits to mention the death of Admiral Lord Nelson, something of a setback for the Royal Navy. Woodward outlines clearly the importance of propaganda and careful editing in an image that, for this very reason, continues to resonate. Implicitly, this caricature serves as a guide to the whole exhibition: approach all published sources with caution.


In a period in which the American War of Independence and the Napoleonic Wars placed British naval prowess at the forefront of national life, caricaturists served as alternative newsmongers. As this colourful display shows, their version of current events was consistently forthright and opinionated.

Övrigt: Utställningen visas fram till den 3 februari 2013. Mer information och fler teckningarhttp://www.rmg.co.uk.

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