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IMAGE: Vad som skulle vara en PR-katastrof för vilken annan regeringschef som helst kan premiärminister Silvio Berlusconi bara vifta bort. Omvärlden ser på med förundran.

Men hans eskapader lockar åtminstone fram humorn hos många skribenter. Carole Cadwalladr skriver i The Observer att en grupp på Facebook nu planerar att marschera mot Berlusconis villa utanför Milano.

There, they will chant slogans and throw condoms and knickers in protest. This, apparently, recalls the hail of coins that a crowd pelted on former prime minister Bettino Craxi when he was accused of corruption, although there are some who worry that it’s about as useful as throwing cocaine and vodka at Charlie Sheen’s house, a man who has taken Berlusconi’s concept of bunga bunga and raised it to a whole new level.

In response, Berlusconi has continued his one-man PR blitz, phoning a third late-night television show in less than a month, this time calling it ”a television whorehouse”. To clarify: apparently this was not a compliment.

Apropå den senaste skandalen skriver Beppe Severgnini, kolumnist på Corriere della Sera, följande i Time:

”Bunga bunga” is reportedly the Berlusconi crowd’s name for sexual after-dinner stints, but it could equally be the sound of many Italians’ heads being banged against a wall in disbelief. Not everyone’s, though. Berlusconi, who denies the allegations against him, refuses to appear before magistrates, claiming he is being persecuted. His poll ratings are still buoyant, partly because of a lack of other political options, and the center-left opposition is split into six squabbling parties. That said, one asks oneself what a head of government has to do to elicit criticism, an objection or a raised eyebrow from his supporters. What is Italy’s tolerance threshold?

Läs mer: “Why Berlusconi Will Probably Avoid Jail Time” av Stephan Faris i Time.

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