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MICHELE BACHMANN är Tea Party rörelsens främste företrädare bland de republikanska presidentkandidaterna.

Lois Romano på Newsweek skriver:

She has just finished electrifying a crowd in Ft. Dodge, Iowa, with a folksy assault on a bloated federal government that she and her Tea Party compatriots routinely vow to dismantle. “Obamacare” will be repealed in a Bachmann administration […]

The willingness of its most committed members to risk national default for the sake of achieving its political goals has no doubt contributed to the dramatic rise in the number of Americans who view the movement unfavorably. In a New York Times/CBS News poll published on Aug. 5, 40 percent of respondents described their opinion of the Tea Party as “not favorable”—up from 18 percent in April 2010.


Asked if her positions are extreme, Bachmann replies that the Tea Party’s ideals are simply the most rational solutions to a broken and profligate government, and that the only option is to stand tough. “I do not twist in the wind,” she says proudly.


If there’s one threat on the horizon, it’s Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s expected entrance into the race. He, too, offers evangelical fervor coupled with a stand against big government. But he has something she lacks: an executive record as the longest-serving governor in a state that is thriving in hard times. It doesn’t seem to faze her.

Övrigt: Ovanstående tidskriftsomslag (15 augusti 2011) är den amerikanska utgåvan av tidskriften. Fotografen är Chris Buck. Fler bilder med anledning av bl.a. fotograferingen av omslaget finns på hemsidan för Newsweek/The Daily Beast.

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