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KONVENT | Mitt Romney har nu officiellt acceperat sitt partis presidentnominering. Här nedan hur några dagstidningar slog upp nyheten under fredagen.

Newsday, New York, USA

The New York Times, New York, USA (detalj)

The Washington Post, Washington DC, USA (detalj)

The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, USA

Chicago Tribune, Chicago, USA (detalj)

The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, USA

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ILLINOIS | Mitt Romneys vann en övertygande seger i Illinois. Nästkommande val i Louisiana och Wisconsin ser inte ut att bli lika enkla.

Vallokals- och opinionsundrsökningar visar på både goda och dåliga nyheter för Romney. Något som kan bli betydelsefullt i en valkampanj mot Barack Obama är att en majoritet av de väljare som ser positivt på den ekonomiska utvecklingen röstade på Romney.

Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast/Newsweek, skriver:

About a third of those in exit polls said he understands the problems of average Americans—not a great number, to be sure, but slightly better than Santorum. Romney’s calling card, once again, was electability. Nearly 40 percent said the most important factor in their decision was the ability to beat President Obama.

Romney did best with voters who are optimistic about the economy. A CNN exit survey found that 20 percent of those questioned believe the economy is getting better, and more than half of them went for Romney.

Thirty-four percent said the economy has stayed about the same, and a whopping 46 percent said it’s getting worse.

Romney even edged the Catholic candidate among Catholics who attend church once a week, beating Santorum 44 to 42 percent, despite the former senator’s heavy emphasis on religious issues. Some of those churchgoers are evidently less conservative than Santorum, who has heavily emphasized social issues.

Bild: Framsidan är Chicago Tribune från den 21 mars 2012.

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IMAGE | Mitt Romney lyckades inte vinna alla valen under SupertisdagenDet var Rick Santorums nya stil som satte käppar i hjulet för Romney.

Sandhya Somashekhar skrev redan om Santorums nya strategi i Washington Post den 12 februari.

In the opening weeks of the Republican presidential race, Rick Santorum came across as a prickly, exasperated figure on the fringe of the debate stage, spending much of his airtime complaining about the lack of attention from the moderators.

But Santorum gradually has taken on a different image, one of a confident, good-natured and almost fatherly presence on the campaign trail who has shrewdly taken advantage of the shifting political landscape.

While his rivals attacked one another in the media glare, Santorum’s campaign has followed a carefully calibrated strategy to leverage his status below the radar.

Hearing from voters that Santorum’s electability was an issue, his advisers honed his message and focused his attention on a handful of states where he could win.


Santorum’s embrace of social issues has been a stealth benefit in the primary because those issues galvanize grass-roots voters, said Ralph E. Reed Jr., a longtime Republican operative and founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

“The upper echelon of the party, the givers and bundlers, tend to be Chamber of Commerce Republicans. But the grass roots of the party, they’re primarily driven by cultural and social issues,” Reed said. “The message and the raison d’etre of the Santorum candidacy could be summed up in one sentence: The way to have a strong economy is to have strong marriages and families.”

Bild: Ett urklipp från Chicago Tribune den 11 mars 2012 med anledning av Santorums seger i Kansas under lördagen.

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