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William McGuinness, på CBS, skriver:

Perhaps it’s safe to note that Barack Obama has been less popular than “Mad Men” since 2008, the year each took powerful positions in the American psyche.


Mad Men is often lauded for presenting the conflicts and pitfalls of a rapidly modernizing American society. Undoubtedly, conservative candidates seek to do the same as they position themselves as more fitting “chief execs.”

Övrigt: I morgon startar femte säsongen av Mad Men i Sverige. Här är allt du behöver veta om serien på sju minuter.

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STRATEGI: Företaget Chevron är involverat i en segdragen rättegångsprocess med anledning av en miljökatastrof i Ecuador. För att återupprätta sitt anseende har företaget anlitat en lång rad olika PR-firmor och lobbyister.

Politco har rapporterat om en rad klumpiga PR insatser som verkar ha gjort mer skada än nytta för Chevron;

Chevron’s tactics — ranging from quietly trying to wield U.S. trade policy to compel Ecuador’s government to squelch the case, to producing a pseudo-news report casting the company as the victim of a corrupt Ecuadorean political system — were designed to win powerful allies in Congress and the Obama administration as well as to shape public opinion and calm shareholders. (…)

Their lobbying and PR efforts are really clumsy and very heavy handed, and I think that that’s why they’re experiencing a degree of backlash,” said Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) (…)

This summer, Chevron thought it had made major progress toward proving its point that it could not receive a fair trial in Ecuador, when it revealed that it had obtained videos — purportedly taped secretly by a pair of whistleblowers using recorders implanted in watches and pens — that the company said exposed a bribery scheme in the case involving Ecuadorean officials and possibly the judge in the case.(…)

But late last month, [PR-konsulten Karen] Hinton — who is paid by the Philadelphia law firm financing the suit to advocate on behalf of a nonprofit called the Amazon Defense Coalition — released a report revealing that the American who helped make the recordings was a convicted drug trafficker, while his Ecuadorean partner was a Chevron contractor. (…)

Chevron also got dinged for a curious PR effort back in April, when — after catching wind that CBS’s “60 Minutes” was preparing a damaging report about its handling of the Ecuador case — it released a video it paid for featuring former CNN reporter Gene Randall delivering what looked like a news report giving Chevron’s side of the story. (…)

Posted on YouTube and the company’s website and bearing the logo “Gene Randall reporting,” the report was produced with help from the conservative Beltway consulting firm CRC Public Relations. It cast Ecuador’s politicians as out to get Chevron and blamed the pollution on Ecuador’s state-owned oil company, which took over Texaco’s operations.

Columbia Journalism Review assailed the report as “deceptive” and posited that it “might be unprecedented for how it blurred the line between public relations and journalism.”

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