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INGEN ÄR RIKTIGT nöjd med budgetöverenskommelsen i USA. Och nu börjar striden om hur man skall kunna utnyttja detta politiskt i valkampanjen.

Tydligt är att ytterflankerna i amerikansk politik är de mest upprörda – liberalerna inom demokratiska partiet och Tea Party aktivisterna bland republikanerna.

Även president Barack Obama uttryckte reservationer:

Now, is this the deal I would have preferred? No. I believe that we could have made the tough choices required […] But this compromise does make a serious down payment on the deficit reduction we need, and gives each party a strong incentive to get a balanced plan done before the end of the year.

Most importantly, it will allow us to avoid default and end the crisis that Washington imposed on the rest of America. It ensures also that we will not face this same kind of crisis again in six months, or eight months, or 12 months. And it will begin to lift the cloud of debt and the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over our economy.

Två av de republikanska presidentkandidater som båda vill framstå som ”the adult in the room” – Mitt Romney och Jon Huntsman – har markerat motsatta ståndpunkter till uppgörelsen.

Romney, som har hållit en låg profil under hela förhandlingsrundan, har nu gått ut och markerat hårt mot både Obama och uppgörelsen.

As president, my plan would have produced a budget that was cut, capped and balanced – not one that opens the door to higher taxes and puts defense cuts on the table. President Obama’s leadership failure has pushed the economy to the brink at the eleventh hour and 59th minute. While I appreciate the extraordinarily difficult situation President Obama’s lack of leadership has placed Republican Members of Congress in, I personally cannot support this deal.

Jon Huntsman var betydligt positivare i tonen:

While this framework is not my preferred outcome, it is a positive step toward cutting our nation’s crippling debt.

Han passade även på att ge en känga åt Romney.

While some of my opponents ducked the debate entirely, others would have allowed the nation to slide into default and President Obama refused to offer any plan, I have been proud to stand with congressional Republicans working for these needed and historic cuts. A debt crisis like this is a time for leadership, not a time for waiting to see which way the political winds blow.

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