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TIDSKRIFT: Alan Brinkley har skrivit en biografi om skaparen av tidskrifterna Time, Fortune och Life.

Ett längre utdrag av boken The Publisher – Henry Luce and His American Century kan man läsa i Vanity Fair (maj 2010, men tyvärr endast i pappersutgåvan). 

”Just out of Yale, Henry Luce and Briton Hadden staked their golden-boy reputations on a presumptuous, prophetic challenge to a recession-weakened media establishment.”

Time was attractive to them because it captured something of the dual purpose of their enterprise – to chronicle the passage of time and to save readers precious time. They also experimented with various subtitles, using such words as ”chronicle” and ”digest” and ”weekly-newspaper”, but they finally settled on a term of their own invention: ”news-magazine”. (The hyphen disappeared in the late 20s.) It reflected [Briton] Hadden’s delight in creating new compound words and phrases.

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