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John F. Kennedy campaigning 1960

John F. Kennedy i september 1960 under en valturné i New York.

Bild: Paul Schutzer/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image

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Fotografen Steve Schapiro följde Robert F. Kennedy redan inför senatsvalet 1964 i New York. Under åren 1967-68 fotograferade han Kennedy i hans hem i en förort till Washington DC och under presidentvalskampanjen. Hans bilder finns dokumenterade i boken Schapiros Heroes.

Läs mer: ”Campaign ’68” av Stephen Smith och Kate Ellis på American RadioWorks. Här kan man även lyssna på Kennedy och de övriga presidentkandidaterna.

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Dwight D Eisenhower kampanjar 1952

Foto: Dwight D. Eisenhower på valkampanj 1952. Populär Historia nr 1 2014.

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Picture Cornell Capa 1960 -- John F. Kennedy and Jackie campaigning in New York

John F. Kennedy med sin fru Jackie Kennedy i New York under valkampanjen 1960.

Bild: Cornell Capa. 

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Edward M. Kennedy at Boston’s Hotel Touraine on the night of the Democratic primary, September 18, 1962. Photograph courtesy of the Office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Ted Kennedy den 18 september 1962. Han vann detta år sin första valkampanj till senaten. Bilden tagen på Hotel Touraine i Boston.

Foto: Office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

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Richard Nixon at a 1968 campaign event. Photo-Nixon Foundation

Richard Nixon vid ett kampanjevent 1968.

Foto: Nixon Foundation

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FOTO | Fotografen Philippe Halsman fick 1955 Richard Nixon att hoppa framför kameran. Vicepresidenten var bara en bland många som lockats till detta.

Richard Nixon av Philippe Halsman

Till sist publicerades ”hoppbilderna” 1956 i boken Philippe Halsman’s Jump Book.

Mary Panzer, curator vid Smithsonian Institution, skrev så här om bilderna:

The ”jump” pictures had surprising charm, and over the next six years, Halsman asked many clients to jump for him. Van Cliburn, Edward R. Murrow, and Herbert Hoover declined Halsman’s invitation, but most people realized they had nothing to lose. (Some gained considerably, like the suddenly buoyant and likable Vice President Richard Nixon, who jumped for Halsman in the White House.) Halsman claimed the jumps revealed character that was otherwise hidden. ”When you ask a person to jump, his attention is mostly directed toward the act of jumping and the mask falls so that the real person appears.”

Halsman also pursued this project to discover something about himself. ”I assure you that often, before approaching the person, my heart would beat, and I would have to fight down all my inhibitions in order to address this request to my subject. At every time when the subject agreed to jump, it was for me like a kind of victory.” How did Halsman persuade so many to abandon their composure for his camera? Somehow, he managed to convince each one that the risk was all his own.

Läs mer: ”When He Said ‘Jump…’”av Owen Edwards. Se även Halsmans hemsida.

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