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SKANDALEN kring Rupert Murdoch och nedläggningen av News of the World riskerar att få långvariga politiska konsekvenser.

Time Magazine

Premiärminister David Cameron och Tories har tappat cirka fem procent enligt en opinionsundersökning som publicerades den 20 juli. Det är knappast ointagliga siffror.

De politiska konsekvenserna av avlyssningsskandalen kommer kanske snarare att bli av en annan karaktär. The Economist skriver:

A more realistic dread for Mr Cameron than an outright breakdown of trust with his electorate is that the hacking furore will paralyse public life for an indefinite period. The prime minister had to cut short a trip to Africa to take charge at home. Parliament, due for its summer recess, was recalled for a day. Mr Cameron’s unveiling of his white paper on public-service reform on July 11th was ignored. In Sir Paul [Stephenson] and Mr [John] Yates, Britain has lost an acclaimed Met commissioner and its most senior counter-terror officer, just a year before the Olympic games turns London into an even bigger terrorist target than usual. The broad inquiry launched by Mr Cameron, led by Lord Justice Leveson and featuring former journalists and media regulators, could bog government down for months. Criminal trials of the main actors, such as Mr Coulson, could do the same.


Slickness, evasiveness and proximity to media elites have always been part of the Cameron brand—he spent seven years as a public-relations adviser, after all. That voters probably had lower ethical expectations of him to begin with could, perversely, help him now.


Mr Cameron has been mocked for his crisis management, but this misses the point. He generally thrives in a crisis; his Commons performance was not the only backs-to-the-wall triumph in his career. But his complacency—the dark side of his vast self-belief—makes him hopeless at avoiding crises in the first place. This year he has ditched bad or unpopular policies on health care and crime that were cooked up while he was paying scant attention last year. Similarly, he probably hired Mr Coulson not through any amoral calculation but because he did not think through the risks involved.

Tidskriftsomslagen ovan är från Time (”Tabloid Bites Man”, 25 juli 2011), Newsweek (”Rupert’s Red Menace” och ”How We Broke the Murdoch Scandal”, den 25 juli 2011), Bloomberg Businessweek (”Murdoch’s Mess”, 18 juli 2011) och The Economist (”Last of the Moguls”, 23 juli 2011).

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