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KAMPANJ: Den engelska utgåvan av tidskriften Wired har en intressant artikel om hur det konservativa partiet i Storbritannien har rustat sitt ”war room” för att kunna ligga i framkant när det gäller sociala medier.

Här ett litet smakprov;

A week before [chancellor] Alistair Darling made his speech, [shadow chancellor George] Osborne’s office was handed a leaked government report on cutting IT spending. The usual procedure would be to pass the leak to a friendly journalist. But sitting in his office, Osborne floated the idea that his team should publish it themselves — and, rather than simply badmouthing the Government, ask the public for ideas to improve the report. With the plan agreed, the web team worked through the weekend to build MakeITbetter.org.uk, crowdsourcing ”improvements” to the (still unpublished) report. It launched at 10am on November 30, barely 76 hours after the leak had arrived. The site broke under the traffic — but Osborne had made his point: here was a party trying to do things online that no British political party had ever attempted.

There’s an element of PR gimmickry in publishing a leak online, of course. But such initiatives are part of a more concerted Tory technology experiment.

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