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NU HAR ÄVEN Jon Huntsman officiellt tillkännagett att han ställer upp som presidentkandidat.

Inför ovanstående video släpptes tre teasers6 Days, 4 Days och Tomorrow – på endast 26 sekunder var. Alla tre med samma tema: en ensam man på motorcykel korsar ett rostfärgat dallandskap – underförstått på väg för att tillkännage sin kandidatur. Ganska häftigt.  

Alex Altman, Washington korrespondent för Time, skriver;

The former Utah governor was introduced by a 3-min. 16-sec. video created by ad maven Fred Davis, in which a now familiar biker slashes through an ochre valley as a narrator heaps compliments on Huntsman, “the ultimate conservative.” Again, it portrayed him as the cool kid. “This guy is different,” it said. “This is a guy who can win.”

Huntsman’s entrance was carefully choreographed. He arrived with his wife and six of their seven children, each wearing a different bright color, a kaleidoscope of all-American good looks. They slowly crossed a grass lawn, pausing awkwardly to gaze at a statue, and then Huntsman was onstage, flanked by fluttering flags, with the Statue of Liberty standing sentry across the harbor. It was the same spot where Ronald Reagan kicked off his general-election campaign three decades earlier, and Huntsman’s aides hoped to recapture the magic with a grand gesture that positioned Huntsman as an heir to Reagan’s legacy. “I’m a big believer that the only way to beat Barack Obama is to go bigger than him,” says John Weaver, Huntsman’s top strategist. “That’s one of the primary differences between us and our rivals.”

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