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VALRÖRELSEN 2012 kommer troligtvis inte att bli lika enkel för president Barack Obama som många trodde för bara ett år sedan.

Läget i landet har tvingat Barack Obama att förändra alltifrån politisk strategi, mediestrategi och sättet han kommunicerar med de amerikanska väljarna.

John Heilemann skrev om förändringarna redan i januari och med tanke på att ingen – vare sig demokrater, republikaner eller vanlige väljare – har imponerats av uppgörelsen kring skuldtaket är Obama nu i än större behov av en omstart.

Since the midterm elections, Obama and his lieutenants have been grappling with the implications of the self-described “shellacking” inflicted by republicans on the president and his party, and laboring to devise a recovery strategy for the next two years. One of their chief conclusions is that Obama must occupy a higher plane than he did in the last two, elevating himself above the posturing, petulance, and incessant bile-spewing that have come to bedevil Washington in this age of incessant acrimony and polarization.


But positioning and rhetoric are only part of the broader project under way inside the White House, which amounts to a full-scale reboot of the Obama presidency. The most visible manifestations of this involve personnel […] Beneath the surface, however, substantial changes are afoot in every realm, from management structure and political strategy to communications, policy, and even the president’s conception of his own role—as he and his people try to navigate the newly Republicanized legislative landscape and gear up for what they now fretfully assume (after months of airily believing otherwise) will be a difficult reelection campaign.


[T]he White House’s troubles fell into three baskets—the first of them labeled “insularity.” […] “I think they felt like if they had listened to conventional wisdom in 2007, they never would have run. When they hear criticism, they say, ‘Been there, done that, we’re gonna stay the course.’ There’s almost a Zen-like quality about how they’ve been in their own universe and their own bubble.”


The second basket […] had to do with a trap the White House had fallen into of being too tactical and reactive. To some extent, this was the result of the fusillade of crises and imperatives […] that hit the administration in rat-a-tat succession right from the get-go.

[T]hird […] was the failure to use Obama’s gifts as a communicator to full effect. He was overexposed. He was in the weeds. The thread got lost. “With these big legislative fights, he was almost like a prime minister or negotiator-in-chief,” says the same official. “The price for that was, we lost the vision, the inspiration.”

Övrigt: Både citatet och tidskriftsomslaget ovan är från tidskriften New York den 31 januari.

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VAD FÖRVÄNTAS av någon som är gift med en amerikansk presidentkandidat? I en valkampanj lämnas inget åt slumpen. Inte ens hur frun går, står och agerar.

Michelle Cottle i Newsweek skriver:

A political spouse should be poised and gracious and able to smile benignly for 16 hours straight while wearing pumps and panty hose in 100-degree heat. She should make frequent mention of how much she cherishes her role as wife and mother. And she should strive to look the part. Pretty is a plus. Sexy is a no-no. Packaging is key. Says Republican strategist Mark Corallo, “They have to be really well dressed to avoid the criticism of the elite, but they have to have a very, very down-to-earth sense of style that will not offend the average American.” […]

In other ways, the job has grown more punishing as wives grapple not only with a relentless media but also a raft of competing, if not outright conflicting, imperatives. Projecting spousal support is key, but one cannot afford to come across as too Stepford. Even Laura Bush, the most traditional mate of any president (or even nominee) since her mother-in-law, didn’t simply give White House tours and host luncheons. She traveled abroad to promote causes; she gave interviews and speeches […] Although Laura hadn’t held an outside job in years, people constantly referenced her days as a librarian and second-grade teacher.

Övrigt: Ovanstående tidskriftsomslag är från den amerikanska editionen. Den europeiska versionen är betydligt fantasilösare.

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