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LONDON | Katten Larry (inofficiellt Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office) har stött på en ”urban fox”.

Bruce Anderson skriver i sin krönika i The Spectator:

The other night, a terrible yowling had the Downing St doorkeepers rushing to action stations. There was Larry, the No. 10 moggy, tail up, back arched, girt for combat. His foe: an urban fox, already in full retreat. Memo to PM: 1) crack on with repealing the hunting ban. Why should Larry be the only No. 10 inmate who chases foxes? 2) Learn from that feline’s fortitude. Larry Would not be trucking to Liberals on Lords reform.

Läs mer: Premiärminister David Cameron och koalitionsregeringens är splittrad när det gäller reformeringen av House of Lords. Se ledarartikeln The Tories are back i The Spectator samt ”Does the end of Lords reform mean the end of coalition?” av James Forsyth. Önskas mer om Larry? Se då här och här.

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PHILIP GOULD, Lord Gould of Brookwood, en av arkitekterna bakom New Labour och en av Tony Blairs viktigaste rådgivare. avled den 6 november av cancer.

Med resultaten från sina ständiga opinionsundersökningar och fokusgrupper såg han till att Labour inte glömde bort allmänhetens synpunkter när politiken skulle formas.

I en minnesruna i The Guardian skiver Lance Price, f.d. medierådgivare åt 10 Downing Street, följande:

Gould offered something that every prime minister craves, but few get in sufficient measure. He provided a swift and frank assessment of where public opinion stood on any particular issue at any particular time. And he gave his advice wholly unvarnished. He was never tempted to tell his political masters what he thought they wanted to hear, rather than what, in his judgment, they needed to hear.

Above all, he thought they needed to hear the views of those who were not traditional Labour supporters but who contributed to the party’s huge majority in the 1997 general election. Winning and maintaining their support was his self-proclaimed mission in life. To those who accused Labour of being too readily influenced by the wealthy, the City, the small-c conservatives and the celebrities, Gould was the answer. He kept the party in touch with the opinions of a much more representative segment of British society, the hard-working majority.


Private opinion polling was nothing new, but the systematic use of focus groups – small, representative samples of a target section of the electorate brought together and questioned at length – was. By the time of the 1987 election, Gould was conducting both kinds of survey at least once a day.


Gould was always an advocate of change, an uber-moderniser for whom no reform of policy or procedure was too radical. It ensured him a place at the heart of Blair’s inner circle, but just as surely condemned him in the eyes of those who believed Labour’s purpose and very soul were being systematically destroyed.

Läs mer: I sina sista intervjuer berättade Gould för The Guardian och The Statesman bl.a. hur hans syn på politik och religion förändrades under sjukdomen.

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DAVID CAMERON visade idag prov på kraftfullt ledarskap i samband med de pågående upploppen i Storbritannien.

Premiärministern var tydlig och bestämd när han idag mötte pressen utanför 10 Downing Street.

Budskapet var att lagar skall upprätthållas, laglydiga skall skyddas och de kriminella straffas. Och berörda områden skall få hjälp till återuppbyggnad. Han passade också på att backa upp de poliser och brandmän som arbetar i det pågående kaoset.

Enkelt, tydligt och utan utrymme för misstolkningar. Budskapet var helt enkelt briljant i sin enkelhet.

Precis så skall en ledare kommunicera och agera i en krissituation. Cameron uttryckte bland annat följande:

[P]eople should be in no doubt that we will do everything necessary to restore order to Britain’s streets and to make them safe for the law abiding.

Let me first of all completely condemn the scenes that we have seen on our television screens and people have witnessed in their communities. These are sickening scenes, scenes of people looting, vandalising, thieving, robbing. Scenes of people attacking police officers and even attacking fire crews as they try to put out fires.

This is criminality pure and simple and it has to be confronted and defeated.


People should be on no doubt that we are on the side of the law abiding. Law abiding people who are appalled by what has happened in their own ommunities. As ever police officers have shown incredible bravery on our streets in confronting these thugs […]

And I have this very clear message to those people who are responsible for this wrongdoing and criminality. You will feel the full force of the law and if you are old enough to commit these crimes you are old enough to face the punishments and to these people I would say this, you are not only wrecking the lives of others, you are not only wrecking your own communities, you are potentially wrecking your own life too.

Läs mer: Premiärminister David Camerons uttalande i sin helhet finns på partiets hemsida.

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ANALYS: Parliamentary Brief har publicerat den första riktiga analysen om 10 Downing Street under David Cameron.

Anthony Seldon, författare till bl.a. biografier om de fyra senaste premiärministrarna, har skrivit ”Inside Cameron’s Number 10”.

Seldon delar upp Camerons tid i Nummer 10 i tre faser: ”Optimism Phase” (maj-november 2010), ”Transition Phase” (november 2010-februari 2011) och tredje fasen ”Beefed Up” (från mars och framåt).

Under denna tredje fas har Cameron bl.a. tagit in fler fackexperter.

Major changes to the policy side have come in this phase. The strategy unit under Gareth Davies, which had been inherited from Labour, was disbanded: it was considered too ponderous and unresponsive to the needs of Cameron. Paradoxically, it also became clear that more policy wonks were needed, both political appointees as well as officials possessing in-depth knowledge of how Whitehall operated.


The new apparatus reports directly to Cameron […]

The history of modern premiership is typically one of high initial ambitions and excitement followed almost always by disappointment.  More firepower, not less, could be the key.

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LONDON: Slow news day. Istället tar vi ännu en titt på katten Larry, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.

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LONDON: Katten Larry har utsetts till förste råttfångare på 10 Downing Street. Inofficiell titel är Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.

Han anställdes efter att råttor vid minst två tillfällen fångades på bild vid nyhetssändningar utanför premiärministerns residens.

Men Larrys första offer var en reporter:

The cat lashed out at ITV News reporter Lucy Manning , scratching her four times before leaping to the floor and making a run for it.

Clearly not in the mood for any further attention, he then hid under a table – ignoring repeated calls to emerge.

Lite kattologi från Downing Street:

Kring 1920 hette katten Rufus of England men kallades för Treasury Bill.

På 1930- och 1940-talet: Munich Mouser

På 1970-talet: Wilberforce

Från 1989 till 1997: Humphrey

2007: Sybil

2011-: Larry

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LONDON: Premiärminister David Camerons kommunikationschef lämnar 10 Downing Street.

Genom att själv bestämma tidpunkten har Andy Coulson begränsat skadan för regeringen.

När Coulson var redaktör för News of the World avslöjades att tidningen ägnat sig åt telefonavlysning av en lång rad kändisar inkl. kungliga familjen.

När Coulson lämnade redaktörskapet plockades han snabbt in i teamet kring Cameron. Men de kontinuerliga avslöjandena från tidningsskandalen har fortsatt att vara en belastning för både premiärministern och för regeringen.

Den tidigare ministern Denis MacShane krävde tidigare att premiärministern skulle komma till parlamentet och göra ett uttalande med anledning av avgången.

We’re being informed by television that Mr Andy Coulson, one of the most important figures in Her Majesty’s government and one of the closest aides to the Prime Minister – is now resigning.

As the House is sitting, I believe it would be appropriate for the prime minister to come to the Commons to explain why this is happening and give the public the full details here in the House of Commons, rather than bury this news on a day when, frankly, there’s an awful lot of other news taking place.

Coluson har brutit mot kardinalsregeln att en spin doctor aldrig själv får bli huvudnyheten. Det är därför logiskt att han nu tvingas bort från sin roll som premiärministerns rådgivare.

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HISTORIA: Anthony Seldon har i en artikel i Prospect – och med hjälp av en illustration från 1949 – beskrivit hur 10 Downing Street fungerar och är strukturerat.

“The black door to No 10 is the most renowned portal in Britain. But what goes on behind it? Inside is an improbable office for a prime minister, where the 17th century meets the 21st.”

I artikeln finns nedanstående översiktsbild (som kan förstoras) och där en rad olika rum och kontor är angivna. 

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DOWNING STREET: Ännu ett försök att tvinga premiärminister Gordon Brown att avgå har genomförts av Labour anhängare. Och ännu en gång har Gordon Brown lyckats avstyra försöken.

Enligt The Guardian har planerna pågått i månader men tycks redan ha ebbat ut. Trots detta undrar många varför det tog så lång tid för många i kabinettet att ge Brown sitt fortsatta stöd.

Oppositionen markerar att Gordon Brown nu måste utlysa val eftersom de ständiga interna problemen visar att premiärministern vare sig har kontroll över sitt parti eller förmåga att ta itu med Storbritanniens problem.

David Cameron, partiledare för de konservativa, säger;

You just have to ask yourself: ‘How much time do you think senior ministers were spending yesterday thinking about the budget deficit, about the education of our children, about the war in Afghanistan, and how much were they thinking about their own futures and their own careers?’ for you to realise … that we cannot go on like this. We have got to have an election and a change of government.”

Liberaldemokraternas partiledare, Nick Clegg, håller med om behovet av val. ”The Labour party now is more interested in talking about itself,” konstaterade Clegg.

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STRATEGI: Enligt The Observer planerar partiledare David Camerons Torypartiet att inleda sin politiska valkampanj i början av nästa år.

En omfattande affischeringskampanj inleds redan den 4 januari enligt dokument som har läckts till Labour.

David Cameron is ready to launch a long and fierce general election campaign early in the new year after a new poll today shows the Tories opening up a commanding 17-point lead over Labour.

The Conservatives are said to be preparing a nationwide poster campaign costing some £500,000, to be unveiled on 4 January, that will be seen as the opening shot in their bid to oust Gordon Brown from Downing Street. News of the plan, which was neither confirmed nor denied by the party last night, was leaked to Labour election strategists just days ago. As a result, they are planning to retaliate with a burst of internet campaign material on the same day. (…)

Details of the Tory poster plans leaked as it emerged that Cameron is also preparing to launch a draft manifesto of policy ideas, also on 4 January. Alexander said Labour would rely far more on modern methods of campaigning, learned from the Obama campaign in the US, and said the initial indications were that the Tories were behind the times.

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