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Richard Nixon at a 1968 campaign event. Photo-Nixon Foundation

Richard Nixon vid ett kampanjevent 1968.

Foto: Nixon Foundation

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H.M. Konung Carl XVI Gustaf

H.M. Konung Carl XVI Gustaf

Bild: Sveriges Kungahus.

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FOTO | Fotografen Philippe Halsman fick 1955 Richard Nixon att hoppa framför kameran. Vicepresidenten var bara en bland många som lockats till detta.

Richard Nixon av Philippe Halsman

Till sist publicerades ”hoppbilderna” 1956 i boken Philippe Halsman’s Jump Book.

Mary Panzer, curator vid Smithsonian Institution, skrev så här om bilderna:

The ”jump” pictures had surprising charm, and over the next six years, Halsman asked many clients to jump for him. Van Cliburn, Edward R. Murrow, and Herbert Hoover declined Halsman’s invitation, but most people realized they had nothing to lose. (Some gained considerably, like the suddenly buoyant and likable Vice President Richard Nixon, who jumped for Halsman in the White House.) Halsman claimed the jumps revealed character that was otherwise hidden. ”When you ask a person to jump, his attention is mostly directed toward the act of jumping and the mask falls so that the real person appears.”

Halsman also pursued this project to discover something about himself. ”I assure you that often, before approaching the person, my heart would beat, and I would have to fight down all my inhibitions in order to address this request to my subject. At every time when the subject agreed to jump, it was for me like a kind of victory.” How did Halsman persuade so many to abandon their composure for his camera? Somehow, he managed to convince each one that the risk was all his own.

Läs mer: ”When He Said ‘Jump…’”av Owen Edwards. Se även Halsmans hemsida.

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KONST | Ulrika Linder, född 1984, bor och arbetar i Örebro och examinerades från Konsthögskolan Valand 2011.

Konstutst Dagens Eko..

Galleri Final ställer nu ut konstverk av bl.a. Linder på Fabriken Bästekille, cirka fyra km väster om Kivik i Skåne.

I utställningsbroschyren skriver Anna Johansson och Jessica Segerlund:

I verket Sveriges statsministrar 1900-2012, från 2012, ger hon med en porträttserie en samlad och personifierad bild av landets styre genom de stadsministrar som under 112 år har fört landet till den position vi befinner oss i nu. Idel män – från Fredrik von Otter (1900-1902) till Fredrik Reinfeldt (2006-) – som utvecklat landet från bondesamhälle till välfärdsstat. En utveckling som skett via införandet av exempelvis allmän rösträtt och EU-medlemskap men också via frågor om integration och klass. Tillika en utveckling som rört sig från distinkta ideologiska övertygelser till trianguleringspolitik.

Foto: Lars-Gunnar Johanssons foto av Ulrika Linder framför konstverket ”Sveriges statsministrar 1900-2012”.

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IMAGE | Det är lite av en tradition att presidentens fru skall ställa upp för amerikanska modemagasinet Vogue.

Vogue (USA) april 2013

Det började på 1920-talet när Lou Henry Hoover, president Herbert Hoovers fru, fotograferades av Edward Steichen.

Bättre PR får man leta efter. Riskerna är minimala. Frågorna är softa. Och bilderna alltid smickrande.

Trots att allt är väldigt orkestrerat får också i bästa fall också en känsla för hur huvudpersonen bakom titlarna.

Och ingen gör så bra PR för presidentparet som presidentparet själva.

En kort tid efter valet intervjuade Jonathan Van Meter med First Lady Michelle Obama och president Barack Obama

When I ask the First Lady if her husband’s mellow nature is what gets interpreted as “aloof,” she says, “Absolutely. I mean, I don’t know what people expect to see in a president. Maybe they want him to yell and scream at somebody at some point. Sometimes I’d like him to do that.” She laughs and looks at him. “But that’s just not how he deals with stress. And I think that’s something we want in our leaders.”

“It is true that I don’t get too high or I don’t get too low, day to day,” the president says. “Partly because I try to bring to the job a longer-term time frame. I’m a history buff, and I know that big changes take time. But I also know that, setting politics aside, usually things are never as good as you think they are or as bad as you think they are. And that has served me well temperamentally.”


As White House Press Secretary Jay Carney reminded me, the Obamas went from relative anonymity to worldwide superfame—potent symbols of once-unimaginable progress—in the blink of an eye. Most couples take the long road to the White House; the Obamas’ zip-line arrival left them no time to develop the public personas presumed to be essential for surviving a life subject to that level of scrutiny. “There is a distance that naturally happens as you rise up the political ladder,” says Jarrett. “And I think because his rise happened so fast there was no time to create that distance.”


The president chooses to see their rapid ascent as an advantage. “I think that’s been very helpful . . .” he says. “We were pretty much who we are by the time I hit the national scene. We didn’t grow up or come of age under a spotlight. We were anonymous folks. I was a state senator, but nobody knows who a state senator is. So most of our 30s and 40s were as a typical middle-class family. . . . That really didn’t change until I was 45 years old. And there’s something about having lived a normal life and raised kids.”


“Now, in fairness,” says the president, “there is one thing that’s changed.” The First Lady looks at him. “What’s that?”

“Which is, I used to only have, like, two suits,” he says.

Now you must have dozens, I say.

“Thank God,” she says. “Now, let me tell you: This is the man who still boasts about, This khaki pair of pants I’ve had since I was 20.” The president throws his head back, laughing. “And I’m like, ‘You don’t want to brag about that.’ ” Jay Carney and the young staffers from the White House press office, who are all sitting on a sofa on the other side of the room, crack up.

“Michelle’s like Beyoncé in that song,” says the president. “ ‘Let me upgrade ya!’ She upgraded me.”

“The girls and I are always rooting when he wears, like, a stripe. They’re like, ‘Dad! Oh, you look so handsome. Oh, stripes! You go!’ ”

Bild: Tidskriftsomslaget är amerikanska Vogue, april 2013. Fotograf var Annie Leibovitz. Detta är inte första gången hon fotograferar en presient.

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VAL | Margaret Thatcher hade två nederlag bakom sig innan hon blev invald i parlamentet 1959. Här kampanjar hon som Margaret Roberts i Dartford.

Margaret Roberts plans her election campaign 1950

1950: Margaret Roberts planerar sin valkampanj i Dartford, Kent.

With voters on the piano in a sing along after a brief political argument in the bar of the Bull Inn, Dartford, England in 1950

1950: En ”sing-along” med väljare på puben Bull Inn. (Associated Press)

Margaret Roberts campaigning in 1951 for the constituency of Dartford

1951: Margaret Roberts håller tal i Dartford. (Photoshot)

Oktober 13, 1951, Margaret Hilda Roberts on a canvassing tour of her constituency--Getty

1951: Margaret Roberts värvar röster i valkretsen. (Getty)

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