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I love the stillness and the mystery of the day or two before elections, because in a lot of ways everything goes radio-silent. Nobody at that point is really listening to an argument. The infrastructure is set. And now it’s this weird alchemy that’s taking place in the country, and you just have to kind of wait and see how it works. But there’s always this mystery to it, this possibility.

Which, in some ways, is powerful and affirming of the humanity of democracy, right? […] It’s not mechanical. It’s not a formula. It’s not set. It’s not fixed. There is always the possibility of surprise. And in that sense it’s a little bit like sports. It doesn’t matter what the odds are. Weird stuff happens. And that makes it scary if you’re rooting for one team or the other, but that’s the drama of it.

Från ”It happened here” av David Remnick i The New Yorker, november 2016.

Bild: Pari Dukovic för The New Yorker.

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God Jul till alla läsare!


Ovan önskar skådespelerskan Ann Miller oss alla en riktigt God Jul ända från 40-talet.

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Lägg märke till texten längst ner i högra hörnet: By courtesy of The ”Daily Sketch”. En saligen insomnad tidning.

Foto: Hulton Archive-Getty Images. ”British statesman Winston Churchill speaking to recruits to the armed forces at Mansion House, London – 1939”.


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Nixon and his wife are surrounded by a crowd at the Los Angeles airport during the 1952 campaign.

På bilden ser vi Nixon, tillsammans med sin fru Pat, vid ett kampanjevenemang i Los Angeles 1952. Liz Ronk, fotoredaktör för LIFE.com, skriver om Nixon:

Nixon, who was born on Jan. 9, 1913, ran his first political campaign in 1946 with a successful bid for U.S. Congress. He followed that with another successful bid, for Senate in 1950, and two successful campaigns for vice president, with Dwight D. Eisenhower, in 1952 and 1956. Then came the losses: first for president, losing to John F. Kennedy in 1960—thanks in part to his lackluster appearance at the first-ever televised presidential debate—and then for governor of California, two years later.

When Nixon returned from several years of laying low to run for president in 1968, President Johnson called him a ”chronic campaigner.”

Foto: Ed Clark—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images.

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Drottning Elizabeth II fyllde 90 år den 21 april. Firandet pågår för fullt. Bilder från själva firandet finns på BBC. Här ett foto från drottningens jultal 1961.

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John F. Kennedy reacting to the news that Congolese leader Lumumba had been assassinated, in 1961. Credits- Jacques LowePresident John F. Kennedy får nyheten att kongolesen Patrice Lumumba har blivit mördad. året är 1961.

Foto: Jacques Lowe. (Läs om Lowes bilder på Kennedy.)

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President Harry Truman, his daughter Margaret, and his wife Bess

President Harry Truman, med sin dotter Margaret och sin fru Bess i en vallokal i Independence, Missouri vid valet 1948.

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